Stumble to Rise Tribe Invitation

I need your help! As my book nears completion, there are several aspects of this creation process on which I would love your feedback! Who knew that bringing a book to fruition was such a daunting task! I’ve learned that writing is a process — not an event and it takes a mighty village so I need YOU!!

I’ve created a private Facebook group called the ☆Stumble to Rise Tribe!☆ You’ll share opinions on content, design, launch strategies, and more. Plus some of you would gain access to an early digital copy on which to base your launch-day review.

For your support and assistance in spreading the word and lending support, you would receive some special perks, behind the scenes scoop and book sneak peeks, and of course, some positive mojo and inspiration!

If you’re up for being added to the Rise Tribe, comment “Me” below and I’ll add you! (If we’re not already FB friends, request me as a friend–Gina Whitlock Fletcher)

AND if you haven’t already, please scroll down to the black box and subscribe to this blog to stay up to date with my posts AND share this post with others! Big THANKS to all of you tribe mates! None of us are in this thing called life alone. I appreciate YOU!


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