Reinventing YOU!

     When is the last time you reinvented yourself ? When you started driving, when you left home, started a new career, became a parent, your children left home, when you retired — those times are all life changes that require a new version of you to be born. 

     Some of these situations occur because we “want” them to but sometimes it’s because we “have” to make a change. My career shift was a combination of both. And I choose to view it as a “get” to. Rather than forcing my body to continue doing something my MS wouldn’t allow, I’ve embraced the open road ahead. I “get” to recreate the definition of who I am.

     I’ve enjoyed over two decades as a self employed top business development coach building teams of sales professionals across the country. I learned invaluable skills and made lifelong friendships. That was a highly valued journey that I will always be grateful for but now I’m onto new adventures. As you will read in my book, you’ll find that I mention change as a guarantee in our lives. Your ability to roll with the punches is one of the main factors determining your happiness quotient. One of my favorite quotes is, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” ~ Epictetus~

     As I’ve taken a new direction with writing and speaking, I’m honored to continue influencing people who are STUMBLING through their own changes and difficulties. I’ve always said that we are ALL dealing with something. My challenge is multiple sclerosis and the changing abilities it’s dealt me. Your set of circumstances may look nothing like mine but persevering through your own change or disappointment may be very similar.

     Whether it’s a medical problem, relationship issue, career or financial struggle or something completely different, we are more alike than you might imagine. Throughout my 23 year battle with this disease, I’ve become an expert at managing change and overcoming adversity. I never gave up on my goals. I just modified the route I would take to accomplish them and now I look forward to influencing others to better manage their own struggles — especially when being forced to let go of what you expected to create a new version of yourself. Times of transition can be exhilarating if you choose to embrace them.  If you get stuck in mourning the loss of who you used to be, it will be hard. But if you decide to become the best version of your new self that you can possibly be, you’ll find joy!

     In this excerpt from my Stumble to Rise book, I share how I’ve embraced the changing roles I’ve recently undergone. Retiring from a career I loved has personified the idea that when one door closes another one appears.

     “For me, this unexpected career shift means the opportunity to reinvent myself. I look forward to experiencing new adventures and seeing where life takes me next. As we are all just here for a short time, I’m hopeful about continuing to thrive in a new direction. Writing opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me, and I hope it might also inspire others to look at making adjustments or considering other options when their current situation is no longer viable.”

     As my new path develops, I’m excited about my book and about my partnership with realtors who are juggling the many hats they wear. Most recently, I’ve teamed up with my inspirational friend, Lynn Bardowski to impact her worldwide team of direct sales “Visionistas” through her Million Dollar Party Girl brand! I’ll be speaking at her “Visionary Women Leadership Retreat for Top Leaders” in Melbourne Beach, Florida in March of 2019! As a speaker at her upcoming event, Lynn recently interviewed me on her online TV show.

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Whether or not you chose your situation, embrace the new you and strive to make your current journey the best one yet!

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