Misery vs Joy — You Choose!

My Stumble to Rise story is told from an honest and very real perspective. Thanks to MS, I’ve become somewhat of an expert at making adjustments to keep moving forward. I continue to weather the continual changes of diminishing abilities. Sure, I’ve mourned the loss of a version of myself that I used to take for granted. But I’m proud to have maintained a forward-thinking, gratitude centered mentality in spite of my frustrating realities. I’ve also seen many others who have gotten stuck in fear, blame, misery, and sadness which is one of the reasons I write this book.

Here’s an excerpt from a chapter titled, “Get Behind the Wheel.  ”…This disease has robbed me of much, but being grateful for the abilities I do have rather than resentful about what I don’t, is a necessity when dealing with adversity. If I chose to constantly dwell on what I’ve lost, I would probably never get out of bed. In addition to practicing conscious gratitude, I’ve become an expert at coping with a disease that’s like climbing up a steep, never-ending, earth-sized mountain covered in twisted vines covering hidden, random potholes with a 500 pound weight on my back as my legs wobble and crash to the ground periodically from fatigue. As a result of this gargantuan daily effort, my mind must maintain the strength and positive perspective which my disease attempts to rob. MS may have stolen my abilities but it won’t take away my joyful outlook….”

Joy, therefore, is based on one of my favorite quotes:

“It’s not what matters to you but how you react to it that matters.” – Epictetus

In my book, I share a few tools I use to stay centered and always looking for what’s right — not just what’s missing.

Stumble to Rise is based on the underlying theme that everyone has battles to fight and hardships to overcome. We must consciously choose how to deal with and react to our challenges. Just this morning you chose your outfit, your breakfast, your tv or radio station and more. Your Happiness, therefore, is also a choice. No matter how difficult the day ahead, I choose joy. How about you?

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