Is Everything Really This Perfect?

I’ve seen the holiday fun and excitement posted on social media lately and it warms my heart I love this time of year! We all look so perfect in our smiling pics by the tree don’t we? I’ve also seen posts from my fellow MS Warriors who are physically challenged to keep up with all the holiday hubbub. You see, in my quest to shine a light on this crazy disease, I have to share that MS is invisible so a mere snapshot doesn’t capture the struggle. Fatigue, pain, numbness, brain fog, depression and mobility challenges are some of the daily realities for many of us with MS that don’t photograph so well. My husband and son have seen me stumble and fall to the ground more times than I can count — especially in the last couple weeks. There’s so much to do and sometimes I forget when to stop. Then the MonSter viciously reaches up from the floor and pulls me down as a mean reminder. I’m always fighting him!


In the season of giving, it’s a perfect time to share that I’ll be donating a portion of the proceeds of each book sold to the Can Do MS Society. This organization means a lot to me because they value and promote helping us MSers find healthy and holistic ways to stay active and battle the beast. But, sadly, their free services are only available to about 26% of those with this disease.The National MS Society estimates nearly one million people are living with MS in this country. It’s the most widespread disabling neurological condition of young adults around the world. Most of us are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50.

I first attended a CanDo Jump Start event several years ago and quickly realized how much I appreciate their perspective. Rather than focusing only on the obvious medical side of our conditions, they believe in keeping our bodies and minds in peak condition. They strive to keep us moving through exercise while maintaining good nutrition, breathing techniques and mental health. They were focused not only on us patients but also on our cherished caregivers.

I’ve recently applied for a free three day event in May which, if chosen by a lottery system to attend, would be an invaluable experience learning how to better combat the MonSter.

If you are looking for a solid 2018 year-end tax advantage, please check out the fundraising page of my website and donate today.

I’m proud to bring awareness about this invisible invader (MS) by partnering with a wonderful organization. Like CanDo MS, I’ve chosen to focus my energies on what I CAN do — WRITE — to make a difference!



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