What’s On Your “WANT TO” DO List?

We are really good at making lists of what we HAVE TO DO aren’t we? I’m a list maker. And now with Alexa I can even ask her to make a list for me — now that’s efficiency! But what about making lists of things you WANT TO DO? When is the last time you did that?


Perhaps you have a condition like MS or another challenge that’s forcing you to reinvent yourself like I’m doing. Maybe it’s just the opposite: you’re tired of being stuck in do-everything-for-everyone-else-mode and WISH you could focus on yourself. Either way, you’re most likely consumed by the Have To’s. For example, I’ve known forever that I wanted to be an author and public speaker someday but it was always in the back of my mind clouded by what I HAD to do. That’s what we do with our WANT To’s. We file them away in the cobwebbed recesses of our brains and decide that maybe we’ll have time for those pursuits someday.


Who needs someday? We’ve all heard of Bucket Lists– things you want to do or achieve before you die. That made for a funny movie but I like to think more short-term. Instead of what will happen someday, before I die, how about this question? What will I achieve within a year — Big or Small. That’s measurable. We know that when things are measured, they happen.


A “Want To” with a time frame — hmmm, that sounds like a Goal to me!

  • Take out your pen and paper and write down your biggest WANT TO. Maybe your goal is personal or perhaps it’s something professional — possibly both. Select no more than three things. Our brains struggle to comprehend more than that — especially just starting out.You can make it even more powerful by adding pictures too! I love simple Vision Boards showing pictures together with words. If Vision Boards are new to you, give it a go! You have nothing to lose and oh so much to gain  If you made one a long time ago, it probably needs to be updated. Let’s just start with words on paper…

I Will ___________ by 9-30-2019.

  • Now add a picture of something from a magazine or from your computer that makes your goal visual. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If you think it does, you’ll never do it. It’s yours. It’s not permanent and it’s not being judged so you can always change it later.  I’m not very crafty so I created mine on Google Slides then hit PRINT. Voila!

  • Now, the big secret! Whether you use words, pictures or both, post this somewhere you’ll see it daily. That’s it! The universe is designed to find ways to fulfill your WANTS. But it’s up to you to make those goals and wishes known — just thinking them helps, but isn’t enough. You find what you’re looking for when you see it clearly, acknowledge it and repeat it daily. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat. The power of repetition by focusing on what you ultimately want and desire is mind-blowing.


Writing a book is a big, time-consuming goal. Above my computer is a sign that reads: “I Will Be an Amazon Best-Selling Author by March 2019!” I included a picture of the back cover prototype of the book and my name, Gina Whitlock Fletcher! I see this daily and it narrows my focus to those activities each day that keep my mission front and center. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded WHY I WANT this and how I will feel when it happens.


MS or not, it’s pretty inspiring how your psyche receives a big boost when you achieve a goal! Who else is ready to put as much energy into their WANT TO list as they put into their HAVE TO list? I’d love to see your Vision Statement / Board! Let’s put it out there! Visualize what you WANT and celebrate when, not if, it comes true!

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