What Are YOU Putting Off?

What’s something important that you keep putting off until later? What’s hanging over your head? Exercise? Building your business? Changing your diet? Are you waiting for the perfect time?

Does this sound familiar?

  • When I get everything else done, then I’ll be able to do it.

  • I’ll be ready after my next birthday or after this year or after my son/daughter gets older.

  • Once I start feeling better, then I’ll get started.

MS or not, we all know that exercise would make a positive impact on our bodies and minds. Since diagnosis 23 years ago, I’ve experienced improvement of my physical strength, health and perspective by making exercise a priority and habit…but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for me. It’s not — but I do it 5-6 days a week anyway! I don’t do anything spectacular or complex — but I do it! I don’t do it because I like it. I do it because I like how I feel when it’s done! But…first I had to START!

In Stumble to Rise I explain how ludicrous it is to wait to “get started” until we think everything is perfect. I use a simple analogy to explain. “Think about this. Let’s suppose you agreed to bring watermelon to a family picnic but you aren’t interested in going to the store to buy said watermelon until you’re sure that every stoplight along your route will be green. Guess what? You’ll never be able to go to the store! There won’t be a perfect time. The stoplights won’t cooperate by turning and staying green to accommodate you. You just have to get in the car and start driving. And so it is with exercise, building our career or taking charge of our health. We can’t wait for perfect conditions, we just have to START and be okay with stumbling a little as we figure it out.”

We humans spend more time fretting and stewing about STARTING something than we would if we just did it! Whatever it is that you’re putting off, take Nike’s advice and JUST DO IT!

And guess what, when you do, even though it may be difficult at first, it feels so good! And once the magic of momentum kicks in whatever you’ve been dreading becomes easier each time you do it. AND the side benefit is: the confidence you feel by conquering that one thing will spill over into affecting everything else! Before you know it, you’ll be tackling the next thing!

When you learned to ride a bike, I bet you stumbled a few times and experienced a few bumps and bruises but you just kept going and it eventually felt so great that you kept pedaling. Even though that first hill seemed nearly impossible, momentum kicked in. You made it to the top and started down the other side with your arms in the air yelling, “Wheeeee”

Go for it! It may be painful but take that first step, get started. Keep going and you’ll form a habit of flying down the hill — hitting some potholes, falling down, getting back on the bike and feeling confident and proud of your accomplishment! I promise — you’ll Stumble but keep going and you WiILL Rise!

Comment below and let me know what you will START today! If you enjoy my articles, please scroll down to enter your e-mail and stay in the loop! It’s a journey and I’m grateful for your support.

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