Stumbling is Inevitable, RISING Is Optional

MS has taken so much from me and yes, trust me, I have my moments. I’m not always smiles and sunshine. The expletives are flying in my mind when my disease prevents me from doing what I really want to do or causes me to stumble to the ground like a toddler with bruises and skinned knees! (Yes, I cuss like a sailor in my head but fortunately, it rarely comes out!) I work to keep it all in perspective by leaning on love, humor and gratitude. They never steer me wrong.

I broke a rib in April which resulted from a mighty stumble into the edge of the unforgiving granite countertop in my kitchen. Ouch! Doctors ordered six weeks of recovery. There was too much to do to slow down for six weeks! Fortunately, I worked from home but I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t exercise, heck I couldn’t do much of anything. Then I remembered my book.

As I explain in the last chapter of Stumble to Rise,Rewind to several years earlier when I started this book. After only a few pages, I stopped. I was too busy to write. I had daily lists of things to do with goals to reach, and writing didn’t fit into my schedule. Not to mention having an impaired right hand not only made writing with a pen and paper impossible, but even typing was a challenge and being hunched over the computer for long periods of time was uncomfortable. Periodically my son would ask if I was still writing that “Stumble” book, but my answer was always the same. “Not yet Bud. I will someday.”  Once again I was letting go of my dream as I doubted I could ever finish a book. Then one day he suggested trying voice-activated typing. I was ecstatic! This simple method made “writing” physically possible again. Once I started speaking the words, my book came to life.”…During my recovery, ”I stationed myself in a recliner and “wrote” feverishly, talking this entire book into a Google Doc like my smart son suggested. I remembered how much I enjoyed the writing process, and I couldn’t stop. Maybe I could finish a book!”

Leave it to a child to point us in the right direction with technology!

As all creative accomplishments go, this one is morphing and changing as it progresses. It’s now become two separate books. The first one, Stumble to Rise, details my, so far, 23-year journey with my own biggest adversity, MS — along with life thrown into the mix. Since everyone is dealing with something, the second book is an inspirational guidebook to help you to navigate, learn from and utimately rise in spite of your own challenges. I’m writing not just one book but two! And I get to inspire others to overcome their own adversity to become the best possible version of themselves.

I NEED YOUR VOTE BELOW! I’m thinking the second book title will be one of these three:

1. Stumbling is Inevitable. RISING Is Optional


2. To Stumble Is Inevitable. To RISE Is Optional


3.Stumble Because Of It. RISE In Spite of It

I found something I love to do and guess what? The MonSter can’t take this from me! I’m having a blast doing something I’ve always wanted to do but never imagined would be possible. I choose to focus on what I CAN do rather than what I can’t and I get to inspire others to do the same. This is my definition of THRIVING!

What’s your “it”–your biggest challenge? We all have an “It”. Does “it” hold you back? Is your “It” preventing your fulfillment and finding your purpose? As I write the second book and put the finishing touches on the first, I can’t wait to share them with you AND help others THRIVE along the way!


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