On The Same Page With Jim Carrey…

Yeah, Jim and I got together on this — NOT! However, as I was writing and rewriting and editing and re-arranging this Stumble to Rise book, I often kept myself moving forward with this simple trick…

~ Visualization! ~

I’ve always had an active imagination and it benefitted me regularly when the writing goal became clouded. 


OK, so here’s my confession, I would often imagine a bookstore or big venue packed with readers standing in line for an autographed copy of Stumble to Rise. I imagined all the details and was very specific.

I’m proof that dedication and visualization work!

  • What are you visualizing?
  • Picture it in color.
  • How will you feel when it happens?
  • Besides you, who will this achievement impact?
  • How will you celebrate? 

Here are two upcoming June book events! 

Come out to help to make this dream a reality. Can’t wait to see you there!


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2 thoughts on “On The Same Page With Jim Carrey…

  1. Good luck with your book signing this evening. My dear friend Donna will be there and will tell me all about it tomorrow.

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