Finding Time for Your Passion

OK this is not a blog about THAT kind of passion so don’t get any crazy ideas! The passion I’m referring to is the kind you get when you spend some time on your purpose, your pleasure, your THING!

Unfortunately, most Americans rarely do. Between paying the bills and keeping up with demands, who has TIME?

Just like oxygen and water, it’s imperative to our spirits to find and spend time doing what feeds our souls. So in the middle of our crazy busy schedules, how can we find time for that thing that makes us tick? We all have the same 24 hours a day but why do some people seem to find more of it?

Are you spending your time fretting about things that won’t matter when you’re dying?

In Stumble to Rise, I refer to the deathbed litmus test. Here’s an excerpt:

“When you really break it down, we’re all pretty hilarious beings. The things we so often get tied up in knots about are usually temporary and probably won’t matter to us or anyone else when on our deathbeds. I often use this “impending death” litmus test to remind myself of what’s truly important so that I remain in the driver’s seat. When I’m at the very end, will it matter that I ran into the door frame, fell down and skinned my knee or wet my pants? Nine out of ten times the answer is no, and that is an incredibly valuable perspective.”

Maybe it’s time to take stock of what really matters and determine if you’re spending your time wisely.

Make it a priority

I remember seeing a great visual using a jar, rocks, pebbles and sand.The JAR represents our time.The ROCKS represent the things in your life that are most important to you — things that really matter. The PEBBLES stand for the things that have to be done but aren’t really important. The SAND represents everything else which – for many of us – takes up the entire jar!

What most of us do each day is we fill our jars with all the sand and pebbles and then try to fit the rocks, the really important stuff, in the jar after the sand has taken up most of our time.

Such is life

For the most part, our time is spent on minutiae. We spend our days feeling empty, tired and longing for the weekend. What if we took care of our rocks first? What if we considered not just our families and our careers as rocks? What if we also made that thing called our passion into a rock?

Maybe not every day but what if your “thing” is painting and you make it a priority (a rock) twice a week? Maybe you love refinishing old furniture and you carve out time for it once a week? It becomes a priority and for one or two days at least it becomes one of your rocks! Magical things happen when you plan for your passion in the same way as your time spent with those you love and your responsibilities. Yes laundry, work and grocery shopping are all pebbles–they have to happen. But every day? Don’t you deserve a rock here and there?

The rock I ignored was writing!

I didn’t make my passion a priority for years. When I did, I felt alive and rejuvinated! Learn from my lesson. Make your THING one of your rocks and see what it does for your happiness, contentment and joy!

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