Another Diet? What’s A Girl to Do?

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Paleo, Keto, Zone, Mediterranean, Plant Based, Vegan, etc. What’s a person to eat? If you want to be healthy, where do you begin?

I’m certainly no doctor or nutritionist but I know what works for me. I’ve been mostly gluten, dairy and sugar-free for almost four years and have radically changed my life. Prior to my food shift, my pain level was off the charts! Eliminating the inflammation-causing junk I used to eat has completely changed the way I feel and therefore has altered my preferences for food. As I state in Stumble to Rise, “Miraculously, after a year of whole, simple foods without processed sugar, my pain was virtually gone, and I was amazed. No longer was I trapped in a painful prison. I was in control of my health — not food or MS!”

What works for me, might not do it for you. I firmly believe that every single one of us is different. Different genetics, different metabolisms, different food sensitivities, different tastes. Food isn’t one-size-fits all.

But there are two simple things I AM sure of. So here they are:

  • Eat REAL food.

No matter what food plan you prefer, one thing I know for sure is that we humans are meant to eat real food. Food that’s created in labs and has more unpronounceable ingredients than you can count, isn’t really considered food. Call those things food-like substances, but they aren’t intended to be consumed by us humans. Keep it simple by eating real, cleanly sourced food.

  • Diets are temporary.

If your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight for a special event and then go back to your old way of eating, why bother? Just buy Spanx!

Diets mean deprivation. No one likes being deprived — life is hard enough! If you’re miserable, you won’t stick with it.

Something magical happens when you CHOOSE to transform your life.

When you transform your relationship with food, however, you feel like a new person! You feel in control and empowered because you made a choice and that feeling fuels you to continue making solid choices! See the difference?

So the next time you see a headline about a new diet or eating fad, don’t get confused. Skip it OR take control by going clean and simple. Make a choice to take control and stop letting food control you. (Psst..When you eat clean, you lose weight anyway AND you’ll be in a more defensive mode to battle MS or anything else.)

Diets don’t work. Transformations do!

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