Your Inspirational Speaker

E.O.O. — Expert  Obstacle Overcomer

Looking for an empowering, inspirational speaker for your next conference, meeting or networking event?  Through her polished and humorous presentation, your audience will laugh, cry and be inspired to overcome their own challenges and adversity while reaching goals along the way.

  • Gina Whitlock Fletcher is a vibrant and forward-thinking woman who just happens to have multiple sclerosis.
  • After her diagnosis in 1995, she built to the top level of a direct sales company with her multi-million dollar organization of Consultants and Leaders spanning the globe.
  • After 25 years and in spite of owning two canes, three walkers, a wheelchair and a mobility scooter, Gina maintains a hopeful and humorous outlook.
  • Her journey is full of inspiration for anyone who’s dealing with adversity while striving to achieve goals; and as she realistically points out, everybody is struggling. Maybe it’s a diagnosis, job loss, divorce, or addiction. “MS just happens to be my challenge.”
  • No matter how difficult the hurdles or challenges, she will leave you feeling confident about learning from failure and getting up each time you fall.
  • You’ll be prepared to take control of your future. Through her experience, stories, wisdom, and humor, Gina proves that we all must STUMBLE in order to ultimately RISE.


What Audiences are Saying About This E.O.O:

Lynn Bardowski Founder Million Dollar Party Girl — “Gina is authentic, relatable, and funny! She was a guest speaker at my Visionary Women Leadership Retreat, for women in direct selling. Her empowering message of overcoming obstacles was the perfect ending to our day of training. As she read excerpts from her book, Stumble to Rise, attendees got real-life tips they could use right away. Gina’s “no excuses” mindset is exactly what women entrepreneurs need to hear!

Maria Harvey, District Leader, PartyLite — “I loved her words of wisdom. Never give up on your goals and dreams. Just adjust and recalculate.”

Heather Stapleton, Sr. Exec. Dir, Lemongrass Spa — “Hearing Gina speak at our conference was inspiring because we got to see her living her daily life. There is something inspirational about seeing an author tell her story in person. Her words were very uplifting and I could tell that she came to deliver a message of perseverance to all of us. I left feeling like I could do anything.”

E.O.O. Speaker Specs:

If your organization or company is looking for an empowering speaker who will motivate audiences to overcome obstacles and let go of excuses, let’s talk!

  • Gina’s fees are determined based on your specific agenda and requirements. Rates vary based on event, volume book purchases / sales / signings.
  • Travel expense/accomodations for Gina and one travel assistant are calculated as part of fee package
  • Due to physical challenges, Gina speaks while seated so a chair onstage is necessary