About Gina

Gina Whitlock Fletcher is a vibrant and forward-thinking woman who just happens to have multiple sclerosis. After her diagnosis in 1995, she wasn’t yet experiencing symptoms so she made the decision to ignore the condition and hide it from others. Once MS started rearing its ugly head, however, she was forced to “come out” about this disease of the central nervous system and deal with its progression.

After 24 years and In spite of owning two canes, three walkers, a wheelchair and a mobility scooter, Gina maintains a hopeful and humorous outlook. When she drastically transformed her diet, she not only felt rejuvenated but she also eliminated neurological pain medications as well as her sleeping pill addiction. She even shares her tips and tricks with readers who may need a lifestyle shift.

Her journey is full of inspiration for anyone dealing with adversity and as she realistically points out, everybody is struggling. Maybe it’s a diagnosis, job loss, divorce, addiction–something. “MS just happens to be my challenge.”

No matter how difficult the hurdles, she will leave you feeling confident about taking control of what you can control about your future. Through her experience, stories, wisdom, and humor Gina proves that we all must STUMBLE in order to ultimately RISE.